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Staging the Man Cave

March 14th, 2018

Ok so the man of the house has chosen a personal space all for himself in the home. It may even be an outdoor shed or the garage. Whatever space you have it probably could use a bit of manly art right? If you want your buds to drink a beer or hang with the tv there’s probably going to be times where you may need a conversation piece to fill the lull time. What better way to add that opportunity than art? Not just any art but fun art.

If you are a designer, home stylist, decorator or staging professional, not everyone is into flowers and your client may not be a woman. There again your lady clients might be looking for something that interests them that may not be considered typical girly girly images. If either is the case.....Here are a few suggestions from my galleries.

If your client loves Cars,
Try Grouping three of the same image in different colors.....a creative way to bring color into the room and create a healthy grouping on a larger wall space,

Art PrintsArt PrintsArt Prints

For more classic car images you might enjoy our ‘Hit The Open Road Video’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oab6VNvig9c (Please subscribe to our channel if you enjoy the video)

Or try an old school feel with vintage type prints, an old Parking Meter could add that needed pop of color or Billiard Balls in the game room, a rusty gas pump print.

Photography Prints Photography Prints Photography Prints

Here is one I’m about to do in my fathers bathroom. We recently had to replace the floor in his bathroom, we decided to replace the cabinet and fixtures as well. The fixtures I lucked up and found in some of his repair boxes were old style white Porceline with the letters “H” and “C” for hot and cold on the tops. That had my mind on the trail of the vintage look as a theme, then popped in my head the thought of using plumbing pipe to do towel racks and a toilet paper holder, I may even put a shelf using the same pipe to keep reading materials and toiletries there.

The next thing I found when cleaning out the medicine cabinet were old twist bottom style razors he probably used in the 50’s or maybe a bit later but they were to be thrown away until I said “no way those are really cool old razors, let me make a shadow box out of them for the wall”, a few head shakes and many giggles at my idea later the thought was well accepted.

But the icing on the cake was yet to come, the last and final piece to the puzzle to this ongoing theme was “hey I have some really nice 1929 Patent art of razors, brushes and razor strops that would go great with all this, let’s finish it off with those”

Sell Art Online Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Not only will it be masculine but with style and vintage class. Not to mention saving a few pieces of the past that would have otherwise been trashed and forgotten. Now we will have a vintage themed bathroom that everyone can be entertained by and have interesting things to ponder on when in the room. And of course they will see my artwork in there, so it’s like free marketing space. Lol

When it all is finished and we have the new shower installed I will post an update with everything in place. I know it will be one of my most favorite redecorating projects just for the sentimental found objects alone. I can remember my dad shaving with those razors as a kid, twisting the bottoms to open them to replace the double edged razor blades. I was fascinated watching him shave standing in the doorway and being reminded not to touch the razors and especially the blades. So those really do hold a special meaning.

Just a couple of ideas to hopefully spark your imagination when dealing with the more masculine or vintage styles for men or women. I personally would love this style in my bathroom as well but I love vintage relics and repurposing found items into useful or artful items. When designing it’s the unusual or unique things that create the most impact, not the expensive. It just takes a bit of creativity much like art.

Until next post, keep those creative juices flowing, find useful ways to add art to your life.

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I recently started creating short videos on YouTube, our channel link there is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgL-Za75bftVKO1GloLO-gw

There is a short video there with classic cars, HIT THE OOEN ROAD you can view by visiting this link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oab6VNvig9c

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Art makes a difference. be original, be you!


Art Prints

Choosing Art by Color Videos Staging Art and Interior Decorating

March 11th, 2018

When choosing art for staging and interior decorating projects it’s difficult enough when going through an artists multiple galleries for just the right piece. As an artist you can make it easier for your potential buyers to set up color galleries that group color themes and make it easier for them to choose art work that will fit well with their current projects.

Time is valuable and something that is not replaceable. I want to make it easy for my collectors and future collectors to browse my images with ease and save them effort in possibly choosing my art images for those clients. I like to provide value to the collector and this is one way I can add value to their browsing and shopping experience with me.

Video promotions also save time when presenting your art to the masses and social media sites. This saves the viewer time in clicking continually to see additional images and figuring out multiple sites and their way around those sites if they aren’t already familiar. Each site has its own navigation methods and each one is uniquely different most of the time. Keep in mind art reaches out to all ages and levels of technology savvy viewers. The simpler you can make your viewers experience, the longer they are likely to view your page and enjoy your work.

These are my latest videos posted to my new channel on YouTube. I hope you will visit and subscribe to the new channel, like if you enjoyed and feel free to leave any feedback you may have we are always open to hearing critique from our viewers as it only helps us make better presentations in the future. We welcome all viewers to the nest and hope you will find your visit entertaining and enjoyable.




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Using Videos To Promote Your Art Outside FAA

March 8th, 2018

Promoting your work outside of the FAA site is crucial. One way to get the word to clients is by making videos showcasing your work. I opted to do short videos in time limits of 3 minutes or less normally. I read somewhere the average attention span of the consumer is 3 minutes on average, so unless your footage is riveting you are probably going to lose them within the first 3.5 minutes.

I have found that since making a few videos and posting on various social media sites my sales have improved offline from collectors seeing them. I have also seen a couple of sales coming from the FAA side, although I cannot be sure if videos were the prompt for those sales. I do believe that videos of your work improves your presence on the web and increases your chances of sales ultimately. It is another avenue of marketing and a nice addition to promoting your work one image a a time. This is my latest video below:

Adding soothing or emotionally charged audio clips depending on the subject matter also increases the viewers enjoyment of the video. Some people opt to voice over the video explaining the image and it’s backstory or the bio of the artist may be an alternate choice. Either way it increases the enjoyability of the project to the viewer. In turn the pleasure of watching increases your artwork remaining in their brain, hopefully enough to ultimately make a purchase.

We must constantly strive to keep up with a marketing edge as photography is such a competitive area these days. The market is over saturated with artists and photographers as technology improves with smart phones and free apps. Anyone can basically edit and do amazing things with images these days. So those seasoned artists and photographers who have spent years learning Photoshop, Illustrator and various photo imaging software are given a run for their money with new apps being produced almost daily.

But back to the video useage, be sure to check each sites guidelines for videos as most vary in length. For example Insta gram stories have a 15 second limit. To post a video on your normal Instagram page the length maximum is 1 minute. Look at “stories” as a brief spot ad to prompt them to your regular page to see a additional work or direct them to your YouTube channel to see the full length video which may end up being 4 minutes or longer. The videos may be placed on Facebook and Pinterest as well as Google+ pages. I found it’s much easier to save to my camera roll and then upload directly from my device or from files on my desktop. Most of the apps do list the most popular social media sites to enable you to share directly when you have completed the video.

In my videos I always try to place the email address, and links to other social media sites I have pages on. I request a follow and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if space and length allow. Cross promoting is easily done in a video and a great way to let your audience know other sites they visit also contain your work. Everyone has their favorite sites and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have them follow you on their favorites.

I use the ends of the video most times to promote products such as textiles, wearables and gift items, if not by image with text. Look at your small videos as commercials because that is exactly what they are. Free advertising on the net. Be compelling at the ends, make them short and sweet so you will hold the interest of the viewer and keep them on your channel to see other videos in your playlist.

There are many free video and editing apps as well as text apps to make beautiful videos with a bit of planning. These will get you started on making basic videos of your work. I will list the programs I use at the end of the blog along with links to software I have found valuable in the creation of my images,

Please visit my new YouTube channel to view the playlist of all available videos. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts or questions you may have. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed, I greatly appreciate the support and will return the favor.

Hopefully this information will help you see the value of creating videos and compel you to give it a try. The apps make it remarkably easy, so you don’t have to be a tech guru to make one. I think you will see it’s a great advantage visually to your clients, old and new, to market and promote your art and result in sales.

Feel free to share this blog link with friends and family so they may enjoy the information to create their own videos both personally and professionally.

Wishing you much success with your art and sales! Have an amazingly productive 2018!

CAMERA: Nikon D3200 DSLR

Photoshop CS6

TOPAZ FILTERS (use this link for $20.00 off)

Mobile Apps available at the Apps Store on your devices.

iMovie (Normally installed on your newer iPhones and iPads if not it is available at the App Store.

Adobe Spark Video App

HypeType (Text Editor). Made by Softonic and available in the App Store, also available for android devices.