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Staging the Man Cave

February 13th, 2018

Ok so the man of the house has chosen a personal space all for himself in the home. It may even be an outdoor shed or the garage. Whatever space you have it probably could use a bit of manly art right? If you want your buds to drink a beer or hang with the tv there’s probably going to be times where you may need a conversation piece to fill the lull time. What better way to add that opportunity than art? Not just any art but fun art.

If you are a designer, home stylist, decorator or staging professional, not everyone is into flowers and your client may not be a woman. There again your lady clients might be looking for something that interests them that may not be considered typical girly girly images. If either is the case.....Here are a few suggestions from my galleries.

If your client loves Cars,
Try Group three of the same image in different colors.....a creative way to bring color into the room and create a healthy grouping on a larger wall space,

Art PrintsArt PrintsArt Prints

For more classic car images you might enjoy our ‘Hit The Open Road Video’ (Please subscribe to our channel if you enjoy the video)

Or try an old school feel with vintage type prints, an old Parking Meter could add that needed pop of color or Billiard Balls in the game room, a rusty gas pump print.

Photography Prints Photography Prints Photography Prints

Here is one I’m about to do in my fathers bathroom. We recently had to replace the floor in his bathroom, we decided to replace the cabinet and fixtures as well. The fixtures I lucked up and found in some of his repair boxes were old style white Porceline with the letters “H” and “C” for hot and cold on the tops. That had my mind on the trail of the vintage look as a theme, then popped in my head the thought of using plumbing pipe to do towel racks and a toilet paper holder, I may even put a shelf using the same pipe to keep reading materials and toiletries there.

The next thing I found when cleaning out the medicine cabinet were old twist bottom style razors he probably used in the 50’s or maybe a bit later but they were to be thrown away until I said “no way those are really cool old razors, let me make a shadow box out of them for the wall”, a few head shakes and many giggles at my idea later the thought was well accepted.

But the icing on the cake was yet to come, the last and final piece to the puzzle to this ongoing theme was “hey I have some really nice 1929 Patent art of razors, brushes and razor strops that would go great with all this, let’s finish it off with those”

Sell Art Online Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Not only will it be masculine but with style and vintage class. Not to mention saving a few pieces of the past that would have otherwise been trashed and forgotten. Now we will have a vintage themed bathroom that everyone can be entertained by and have interesting things to ponder on when in the room. And of course they will see my artwork in there, so it’s like free marketing space. Lol

When it all is finished and we have the new shower installed I will post an update with everything in place. I know it will be one of my most favorite redecorating projects just for the sentimental found objects alone. I can remember my dad shaving with those razors as a kid, twisting the bottoms to open them to replace the double edged razor blades. I was fascinated watching him shave standing in the doorway and being reminded not to touch the razors and especially the blades. So those really do hold a special meaning.

Just a couple of ideas to hopefully spark your imagination when dealing with the more masculine or vintage styles for men or women. I personally would love this style in my bathroom as well but I love vintage relics and repurposing found items into useful or artful items. When designing it’s the unusual or unique things that create the most impact, not the expensive. It just takes a bit of creativity much like art.

Until next post, keep those creative juices flowing, find useful ways to add art to your life.

Visit and FOLLOW my Pinterest Boards you find interesting, for example..“Staging Man Caves and He Sheds” for more unique and creative images to use as well as product pins from others that will create the perfect space for the men folk in your life!

I recently started creating short videos on YouTube, our channel link there is

There is a short video there with classic cars, HIT THE OOEN ROAD you can view by visiting this link...

Please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL and SHARE with those you think might share an interest in our work! We love word of mouth and interconnected friends and businesses!

Art makes a difference. be original, be you!


Festival Entry Deadlines found on FestivalNet

February 6th, 2018

If you are interested in entering your work or attending festivals and art fairs this list will be helpful. Link lists festivals and art shows and fairs across the U.S.

Link shows deadlines for entries, beginning and ending dates. You must be a pro member of FestivalNet to view the entry fees, but I just google the festival I’m interested in and follow thru to see their guidelines and fees for entry etc.

ALT="FestivalNet - Art Fairs, Craft Shows, Music Festivals"
border="0" width="300" height="250">

Holiday Discount Code Thru Dec 24 2017

December 6th, 2017

Holiday Discount Code Until Dec 24 2017

3CrowArts offers over 1200 unique wall prints as well as apparel and textile products.

Gallery topics include
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Please be sure to check out our New Images to see our latest uploads to the galleries.

Servicing homestaging and interior decorating professionals as well as the home decorator. Our printing is completed through Fine Art America who offers high quality products, handles all payments and returns (which we hope are none) and offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not comoletely satisfied with your order.

We feel you will find many images that will suit your needs both for residential and commercial projects. We welcome any questions you may have regarding our art products just email us at and we will respond to your questions in a timely manner.

For the holidays we extend our warmest welcome and tidings to you and your families. To show our appreciation for all those who have supported our social media sites, the gallery at FAA as well as offline fairs and newcomers to our work, we extend a deep discount code for your Holiday Gift list.

The discount is valid for 40% off the artist commission on any image ordered or products using an image from Lesa Fine and 3CrowArts Gallery through December 24, 2017 at midnight New York Time.

Just enter NEBDUJ into the discount code box at checkout. Simple! And done!

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Wishing you a safe and joyous Holiday Season! Happy Shopping!

Lesa Fine

Article on my work by Laura Greco Artworks Dec 20 2016

December 20th, 2016

I received a write up today.

Thanks so much Laura! Love your articles and insight on photography and photographers! Appreciate the nod to my work and your support to myself and other artists!


My Links for Social Networks and the such

July 18th, 2014

EMAIL: THREECROWARTS@YAHOO.COM (Wearable Art - search Lesa Fine)

So 'Like' me, 'Follow Me' send me a 'Tweet' and it's o.k, I'm pretty tough, go ahead and 'pin' me.
Add your email to the list for notification of Discount Code offerings.

Art Prints

I dont know how to copy and paste

June 12th, 2014

To copy and paste information from one point to the other you have to know three things. highlighting the information to copy, how to copy and how to paste.

you highlight by holding the shift key down and then running the mouse over the area you are choosing or by holding the shift key down and using your arrow keys on the keyboard to select what you want to copy, don't let up on the shift key until you have everything you want highlighted, this tells the computer, hey this is what i want to copy

now to actually tell the computer to copy it for you you will hold the ctrl key down and at the same time hit the letter C key that copies things

then you go where ever you want to paste it and click you mouse to set it on the page and then hit the ctrl key and the V key and that is the paste command, it will place whatever you copied there on that page where you want it.

CTRL and C at the same time Copies what ever is highlighted
CTRL and V pastes what you copied

Being a Part of Promotions How Do I Open Multiple Windows

June 12th, 2014

When you are first coming to FAA and joining the promotional threads there is a system to being a part of it all.

You must know how to copy and paste from one page to another or from one thing to another such as getting a link and placing it into an email as well.

First you must highlight what ever you want to copy, a phrase or a link or a word etc etc then

Ctrl and C at the same time will copy whatever you have highlighted hit the ctrl button first and then hit c while you still are holding the ctrl button down
Ctrl and V at the same time will paste the information you have copied to where ever you are taking it. just go where you want it pasted to and anchor your mouse on the page where it's going and hit ctrl and then v while you hold the ctrl key down and guess what, it's going to paste what you copied in there. simple.

You must also master the simple task of having more than one window open at a time, because you have to copy from one while having the other window waiting with your spot to paste the copied information to.

And thirdly and most importantly read the rules to the promotion if they say its a Social Media promotion (SM) then you need to have a social media account already set up prior to even thinking of joining the promotion. If you don't have one, then you are automatically breaking the rules when you participate with out one because, you can't share their images and promote them without one. And most prefer having two accounts such as facebook and twitter or twitter and google+ or pinterest, what ever combination you want or feel comfortable using or already have set up, just as long as there is one or two. The reason for a secondary is because not everyone uses the same social networking sites, so if you use pinterest and I don't want my images posted to pinterest because of one reason or the other, where am I going to gain benefit from your promoting me? I won't so you need a back up SM site for those who may not use the same one as you. Usually twitter and pinterest or twitter and google+ are what I see as the main ones and facebook of course. I have all of them. I don't use all of them on a daily basis, but if i need to i have an account with them.

Usually you have to have a social networking site set up prior to joining the promotion, because now the social media networks are what is helping you get your traffic to your galleries to buy. Not so much the keywords you use on the images anymore to get them to you.

Two You will need to know how to post all the information for yourself and you images for them to promote for you. And you will need to know how to copy and paste to do that. (I put directions on how to copy and paste on down in this thread)

three in order to do number two you are going to have to learn to open multiple windows and go back and forth between them and copy from one window and paste into another, well that or you'll be doing a lot of writing on scratch paper and alot of time wasted typing it all in....your choice.

Im going to use posting to the promo board as an example in this.....and walk you through the process just like you will be doing it.

First you are going to go to the board and do your bit on the promotion, sharing their images and saying kind words about their are that you like etc, you are probably going to like and favorite them to if you are doing a good job as a promoter you are doing all three of these things, it's call good promotional etiquette. Learn it, it will pay off you ten fold by them doing the same for you. Now once you have promoted theirs it's now your turn to give them the information you want promoted so people can start visiting the image you are telling them to promote for you......
Hallaallluujuah it's my turn!!!!

Ok this is how you open multiple pages: You already have one page open because you are here reading this blog. look up at the top of the screen and you will see a little plus sign next to the tab you have open each tab indicates a page you have open and usually has the site name or page name listed there on the tab that's how you know which one to hit to get back and forth between pages you have open. the x will close the tab out if you are through with that page, it's really rather simple.

once you hit the plus sign it will give you a fresh browser page, ok I have another window open now what? You want to use two pages within FAA right? so you want to go to the address bar and open up another FAA window just like you did when you first logged in to the site.
(if you use other browsers other than firefox just look for a plus sign somewhere near the http link line, or you can enter something into your google search box and it should also open up a seperate page for you if you dont see the plus sign anywhere. )

go through the process just like you are logging in. with faa since you are already logged in on one page you don't have to actually put your email address and password into this new page, but you will have to click the "sign in " tab to open your account up in the new page.

guess what ?? >>>>you now have mastered opening multiple pages on the same site.

On one page go to the group and then to the discussion thread where you have joined in on the promotion......go to the comment box and act like you are ready to post a comment in there. in other words anchor your mouse in the box to hold the box there while you go get the information you need to paste in there.

Now go hit the tab where your other page is open, this will be your runner page, this is where you will go to get information to copy and paste that's it you will do nothing else with this page but use it to go and retrieve the information you need to post in the comment box.

go to your gallery and find the image you want them to promote for you and copy the address ( imge title whatever it says) and then hit your original tab that is holding the groups page for you and go to the comment box and paste the link in there.

If you don't know where that link is , it's the http address at the top of the image page you want to promote. just highlight it and use the copy command to get all that is highlighted and you have the direct link for that image. (same thing for the site, you'd do the same thing there, just go to the image you want and copy the address information in the address bar at the top of the page)

now hit your primary page tab where you have the comment box open and paste the link into the box,.

now you need to go find you link for your social network where you have posted their work or "shared to" link. so you need your runner page or secondary page again, hit the tab so you are using your runner page and go to where ever you have that address listed or just simply type it's address if you know it into the comment box.

A good rule is to copy and paste all links you are associated with at the bottom of your bio on the site or any site really. It give people a list of sites they can find you on and also just as important it gives you a central location where the addresses you need to post are readily available for you to copy and use wherever you need to. So having a central location with a lists of your sites is a good thing.

Ok so now that you have copied you social media network address you just hit the intial tab where you comment box is and paste it in the box,

You have completed the process of giving them the link they need to post and also giving them the site where you promoted them.

Congrats if you have mastered this. You will find it is most helpful to you in many ways as you are learning your way around a using your computer to to surf the internet.

Making Time For EVERYTHING

June 8th, 2014

Now that I am online and starting the process of self marketing and selling my photographic images and art via the internet, it is an awakening to the time it can consume! If you are new to this process as well then you are probably in current battle with the same monster. Between getting the images chosen, then edited, meta tags placed, keywords chosen, botanical names researched, and sometimes the actual things such as cars backgrounds researched as well. Then you have the added task of it being added to the list to copyright if they aren't, a title chosen if it doesn't already have one, and a description that will reflect the keywords chosen and will flow well and be explanatory enough for the blind is daunting. And that's just the image prep side of things.

So I have what I have to do to the image, once I have time to take new posting and marketing the art.

Once you have the initial preparations on the image it's time to post and start promoting the piece, it's time to market yourself.
So first you have to figure out your target market, for that piece as well as sometimes marketing the body of work and yourself as an artist on the whole. A piece can be relatively easy, if it's a vintage auto image for example, research the auto first and fill the description with well placed information and keywords and a great title, then start scoping out people to market that particular image to. Who will be interested in this piece?
Collectors, Car Dealers, Race Fans, ? That's a good question, and one I cannot even answer myself, but on down the road with getting it posted at least for anyone to see and direct the extra efforts to those individuals listed previously at the end of the posting in general.

Now if it isn't a auto print, it's a flower for example or an architectural piece for example, then you have to also do all the background research on them and also figure out the market that will be interested in it as a potential collector. Seek out those audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest GooglePlus, and not that I use them at all, but some do Stumbled Upon or Myspace, and any others you may know of or use.

So to the point I go with myself on how do I juggle all these things and still have time for a life outside of the tasks online. A friend suggested I manage it in this way. Have certain days you do things, do those things on those days and nothing else unless you are caught up for that task of the day then perhaps use the extra time to either play catch up on things that need it or go outside and shoot a bit of new work.

So starting Monday I am going to put a plan in place and see if it is not only effective in promoting business but will also take away some of dread of doing things on a daily basis and feeling so utterly and completely overwhelmed each day with it. I love what I'm doing don't get me wrong, but when trying to manage all that goes along with the process, it is quite a daunting task day after day, and can sometimes take away from the joy of doing it.

Mondays Work on Website
Uploading new work to the galleries
SEO updates and anywork I can improve upon there
Refreshing the blog content, updating features into the site, sales that are being offered, Discount codes if any.
Sending out marketing to improve on the email list for future mailings and email events.
Work on press release for any upcoming events, new body or series, sales, that will be posting soon etc.

Tuesdays Edit new work and if caught up get out and shoot new work!

Wednesday Research and meta tag all new work with appropriate keywords
Research local markets for potential showings in their places of business or see if any local fairs coming up locally.

Thursday Post work to all sites I am offering the work for sale FAA, Crated, My website, Society6, OARTEE etc etc.

Friday Start Social Network Marketing process as this is the time when people have the most free time to look and shop!
Let's see so there's Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and and that has now consumed a whole day and
probably part of the evening as well.

Saturday Shoot new work and get ready for the following week ahead and more promoting and marketing.

Sunday Rest and do home chores that Im behind on from the week prior. Oh and dont forget to pay bills and buy groceries because
you know you will be tied to the computer again all next week and you will need to feed your face at some point.

Now to see if I can hang with the plan and if so if it will result in a positive manner to be productive planning week after week.

If any of you who read this blog have any suggestions or you have your own routine down in processing all this information with success,
please feel free to post a comment or tell us all how you are managing it!

Hastags What Are They How Do I Use Them

June 5th, 2014

Some people seem to be a bit confused on hashtags, what they are and how to use them, I was the same when I ventured into the computer world and learning how to interact on the social networks too, so as many have had questions, I thought I'd post it here and instead of retyping it over and over post it in a blog and direct them here or use the link as reference. I'm not the best at explaining things, so I hope it doesn't only confuse you further. I will explain it to the best of my knowledge:

HASHTAGS: Someone said they were confused about hashtags, look at them this way,

The hash tag symbol # tells the computer and the search engines hey here is the keyword you are looking for. It's keywords just like you use on FAA when uploading an image just has to be typed or shown to the computer in a different format for twitter and some other search engines to recognize it. It's simply keywords in a little different format, just like you put "fine art" in your keyword list when you upload a new image, for a hash tag you do the same thing with the hash symbol in front and leave the space out between the word, it's just keywords used the same way you use them on FAA but with the symbol added at the beginning and the space between phrase words removed, i.e. Fine art, art work, for sale, etc etc) would be in hasttag terms #fineart #artwork #forsale etc etc. The hashtag words have to run together for the that particular search engine to recognize both words, on faa the search engine has to see a space between the words to recognize both words) Just the way different search engines recognize different ways of saying "hey this is a key word for your searches if you need it"

TWITTER Where to put hash tags when sharing post from the promotion on twitter: Twitter posts are limited by characters and the number you can put in there that is what the little countdown number thingy is on the bottom right of the little share box you use to post with. if it has a minus you have to remove something to get it down to zero or have characters left to use or it wont post, you can remove some of the stuff to make room for hash tags or to make room if someone has an excessively long title also, if it says minus in the box, you have to remove something to make room. The only part that HAS to stay is the title part, (that is the code that links you back to the image and where it is stored). but you can remove anything prior to or after the title code linking information, and reuse the space.

This is the way it looks to you in the twitter box and where you need to remove stuff to have room to add other stuff:

I uploaded new artwork to! >> - 'Bloomin' Kiss' - (.html is the end of the title coding) now you can also remove this >>>> via @fineartamerica

When you remove these two areas you created all that room to add something new in there. Once you have everything deleted out but the title information part, go to the end of the title and add in the hash tags you want the search engine to pick up on, it's that simple.

This is a good way to use it if you are sharing your own work: If you post your own image to twitter use the space prior to the title to say something catchy, "Hey check this beauty out ! or "On Sale Now" then use a couple of hash tags at the end after the title coding. It's a great place to put your address so it brings them back to your private website rather than to the main page on FAA. Be creative with the space you make in those boxes, it pays off. Think business when you use these boxes and use the space like a salesperson, look at it as what it is.... a promotion opportunity.

For google plus you paste the hashtag info in the box above where the image shows. It's like a little comment box above the image you are sharing. If you don't have hash tags to paste in there, then you have to type your own, place a hashtag symbol first then start typing the keyword you want your hash tag to represent. As you start typing another box with suggestive key words will pop up you can choose from that list or you can just keep typing and go on to the next hash tag you don't have to use the suggestive ones, although most listed are quite helpful and helps you from typing so much once you get the hang of using it.

For Pinterest just copy and paste what they have left for you in the promo thread and paste it in the box and post. The usualy way is the title first followed by the name of the artist and then the hash tags at the bottom.

Blogger Gets Sued Over Using Artists Image

May 23rd, 2014

Interesting reading for sure to show that even though they take it down, you can still do something about them stealing it to begin with.


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